Paint Jubilee opened in 2015 offering  private Acrylic  painting classes, drawing classes, and Canvas paint party classes to both  large and small groups.


                  Since graduating from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2004  I have been a working artist . Continually seeking Gods purpose for my life.   It is with passion and Christian faith, God has revealed his plan. It is time for the Paint Jubilee and Id like to invite you!. 

              I would like to offer my services to the older and  younger. Those in spiritual need perhaps by creating an image that might remind you and others of Gods tremendous grace. on our lives. Or those that need  some time to relax and invest in some time to Paint! It doesnt matter if you have ever painted or have painted for years. Its about getting time to ENJOY yourself.

             How much time have you spent lately doing anything that was relaxing of the mind and soul? How much quality time have you had with friends, spouses or kids? WELL YOU NEED THIS AND DESERVE TIME TO ENJOY YOURSELF!  We all do! God wants us to enjoy ourselfs and have a Jubilee... .  Having a private Canvas Paint party is a great way to connect with friends and family doing something that can be relaxng, fun and creative. The greatest part is that ANYONE can enjoy having one.  When you look at your masterpiece you can be reminded of that special day. 

              Recently I had the priviledge of offering a raffle prize for the Relay For Life! with hopes to have other charity events to contribute as well. God is amazing!                Karen Vardzik

 I also do take commisions for pantings.  I love capturing the narrative of people in my work. As a portrait artist I can provide you with a lasting memory, a treasured keepsake to pass down for generations to come.           Contact me for more information.

"Remember To Smell The Roses"

acrylic on board  2' x 3'

"Innocence" acrylic on paper 2' x 3'

"No" acrylic on board   18" x 24"