Since graduating from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2004  I have been a working artist . Continually seeking Gods purpose for my life.   It is with passion and Christian faith, God has revealed his plan. It is time for the Paint Jubilee and Id like to invite you!. 

              I would like to offer my services to the older and  younger. Those in spiritual need perhaps by creating an image that might remind you and others of Gods tremendous grace. on our lives. Or those that want to connect themselves in a meanful way with God.

              God never asked us to be equipped to serve him, He only asked us to give him our time.. Throughout scripture God has told us how he used the least qualified for his purpose. Noah was a drunk, Abraham was too old, Issaac was a daydreamer, Jacob was a liar, Gideon was afraid and Rahab was a prostitute, to name a few. Just like them I am by no means perfect but here I am available to serve him.

             It doesnt matter if you have ever painted or have painted for years. Its about giving yourself to the Lord in a relationship with Jesus and he does everything else.. .

             I, like many of those mentioned above, never considered myself worthty yet with this knowledge after dealing with many tramatic life situations (some I created and some were just dealt to me) I come to serve him!! It has been such a blessing for the Lord  to use me to show others the tremedous freedom in giving to the Lord by using what he gave me with Artistic ability to help others see the amazing Grace God has for us in our lives. 

             I look forward to sharing with you this special connection through art and the blessing it has been for me and can be for you as well. Come  join me in a studio class or a group workshop at your location, or a private session and lets give the Lord the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Karen Vardzik

         Contact me for more information.

"Remember To Smell The Roses"

acrylic on board  2' x 3'

"No" acrylic on board   18" x 24"

"Innocence" acrylic on paper 2' x 3'

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