Facepainting when time allows!

KIDS CAMP     Summer Art Classes just for kids! Ages 6 -18 held in my home studio.

This year the summer Kids Camp classes will run 3 hour sessions morning , afternoon and evening . 9am-12noon                                                                                                                                                                 1pm-4pm or 6-9

PLEASE SEE CALENDAR FOR 2019 Dates and Times ( SIGN UP FOR THE WEEK) either morning or afternoon, and pay $90.00.

Each session a small snack will be provided. An 11 x 14 canvas and use of everything needed to create their masterpiece.

Each session   skills which focus on painting techniques, styles, and use of brushes will be emphasized while completing a new masterpiece. An image will be chosen from the gallery options for each child to work on.  


Maple Avenue Music, a music studio located just .8 miles from Paint Jubilee, offers Mini morning summer camps for kids ages 3-6. Drop off the older kids at Paint Jubilee at 9 and head over to Maple Avenue Music for a 9:15 start time and pick up 11:45 then head back to Paint Jubilee for a 12 pick up! You can find more on the Maple Tree Camps here. https://mapleavenuemusic.com/blog